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It’s My Opinion…

Michael Schumacher

Now that Michael Schumacher has blotted his copybook yet again by parking his car in such a manner as to invalidate the last qualifying laps of his nearest competitors for pole position, it seems an opportune moment to add my voice to the chorus of indignation and excuse that rises habitually from the dust of any such F1 controversy. Not that I shall say much on this particular matter; I have long been in the anti-Schuey camp and regard the Monaco affair as merely the latest in a growing list of his offences against fair play and the FIA’s weakness in dealing with them. Let us be clear on that from the start – I intend to see only bad in Mickey the Shoe, just as his fans see only good. The man has some talent, it’s true, but his character leaves much to be desired.

No, the truth is that I have decided to blog my opinion on all matters pertaining to my favourite busine… er, sport, Formula 1. After all, I have been watching the game since the early sixties and it’s about time I confused the issue with my idiosyncratic view on things. And, if you’ve managed to read this far, you must love the sport too, despite its constant political wranglings (or maybe because of them) and the machinations of the FIA. So let’s indulge in an orgy of discussion, debate and argument as we watch the saga of the great ones unfold (and little Minardi too, in spite of the fact that their name has now disappeared into history).

Which reminds me – I thought it might be good to kick off with an occasional series on The Constructors That Time Forgot. For my next post we could look at the one that promised so much yet delivered so little: ATS (no, not the German wheel manufacturer who actually did quite well in F1; I speak of the Italian company, Automobili Turismo e Sport). Now there is something to whet the appetite.

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