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The British Grand Prix

And so to Silverstone and the British GP. Strangely, of all the Grand Prix, this was the one I was most likely to miss each year. Every summer it seemed to coincide with the great exodus to the coast, otherwise known as “Coventry Fortnight”. How often I have sat in a traffic jam on the M5, gently cooking in the heat whilst trying to listen for news on the radio. And then, on Sunday, there followed the desperate struggle to get a decent picture on a farty little black-and-white television in a caravan parked somewhere in the wilds of Wales or Cornwall.

Ah yes, memories. They have changed the date since those days, bringing it earlier in the year, presumably to increase the possibility of rain. But we are promised constant sunshine for the weekend and it looks as though we will have a race uninterrupted by showers or downpours.

Not that rain is a bad thing, of course. There are times when it provides an ingredient that spices the mixture beyond all expectation. Who can forget that incredible race held at Donington Park when changing weather enabled Ayrton Senna to demonstrate the true extent of his superiority?

Generally, however, rain is as much the ruination of a race as is the pace car. Bernie may think it adds to the entertainment to have a driver’s hard-earned lead wiped out by a shower or some tail-ender’s accident, but I prefer to see ability and talent rewarded. Yes, passing is important to F1, but not when it comes as a result of an artificial bunching together or a few seconds lost by a jammed fuel nozzle in a pit stop.

But I must try not to indulge in a rant; let us rather look forward to another mighty British Grand Prix. Few circuits can rival the majestic, sweeping corners that are Copse, Becketts and Chapel. And the name, Hangar Straight, gives some sense of the fearsome speed attained on the run down to Stowe. Silverstone is a magnificent setting for a Grand Prix.


And this year I am determined to see it. Even if it is from as far away as the States…

6 Responses to “The British Grand Prix”

  1. You’re resisting the World Cup then?

  2. Those footie guys are at it again, are they? Well, good luck to the England squad but I follow a more important sport, John. ;)

  3. Quite right, I’m avoiding it like the plague. We don’t even get the test matches on terrestrial TV now, so it’s a very quiet summer for me. Perfect!

  4. I will say this, however: it’s a great pity that the Beeb lost out to all the commercial and satellite guys for coverage of sport. Like most things, the BBC did sports better than anyone else.

  5. With a busy weekend scheduled it looks like I’ll miss the GP this weekend… but that’s ok it’s not like it’s important like MotoGP is ;)

  6. .oO(Sacrilege…)

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