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Hungarian GP Qualifying

Well, well, everything suddenly becomes very interesting in Hungary. With Fernando Alonso incurring a two seconds qualifying penalty yesterday, it looked as though the race was being handed to Michael Schumacher on a plate. But this morning Michael was given an identical penalty and, in spite of being the fastest man on the track, will start from 11th spot on the grid. Fernando is down in 15th after taking his medicine.

So fortune and the stewards have ensured that there will be some desperate battles in tomorrow’s race. And the fact that Kimi Raikkonen grabbed the pole from under Massa’s nose makes things even more interesting. Felipé is still in a good position (2nd) to help his team leader, however, whereas Fisichella’s 7th means he is unlikely to be of much assistance to Alonso.


Kimi Raikkonen

Things are further complicated by Jenson Button being demoted from 4th to 14th as a result of his engine change yesterday. That puts him behind Michael but ahead of Alonso and his speed at this track will make him very difficult to pass. I can see Fernando being bottled up behind the Brit’s Honda while the Ferraris recede into the distance.

So it looks as though we are set for a lot of overtaking tomorrow and this on a track renowned for its lack of passing places. It has the potential for heroism and tears as some force their way through and others overdo it. If the FIA are genuinely meddling with the championship in an effort to make it more exciting, as suggested by Flavio Briatore yesterday, they couldn’t have done a better job.

Realistically, the race still seems to be between the Ferraris and Raikkonen. Ferrari have retained much of their advantage over the rest and were able to set times a second quicker than the others in most sessions. Kimi will have his work cut out to stay ahead of Massa and I have no doubt Schumacher will surge through the field in customary fashion, with Ross Brawn’s tactical brain gaining a few places in the pit stops as well.

This race must surely be one of the most severe tests yet of Alonso’s ability.

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  1. * Runs through the blog chanting “Jensen Jensen!” *

  2. Yes! Jenson Button come good at last! Post on the result going up soon, Mad.

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