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The Second Brazilian – Nelson Piquet

Those Brazilians have a pretty good record in F1. Apart from their world champions, there have been others, such as Carlos Pace, who were good but never had a car that was capable of winning consistently. And today Barrichello and Massa continue the tradition of quick Brazilians.

Nelson Piquet was the second Brazilian to win the championship, the first being Emerson Fittipaldi. And he was second too behind their greatest champion, Ayrton Senna.

Nelson Piquet

Nelson Piquet

Or was he? I have mentioned before that Piquet’s car control was phenomenal and there is a short video that proves it. Interestingly, the man he is fighting for position in this clip is Ayrton himself – and guess who wins. Piquet is in the white and yellow Williams, Senna in the black Lotus. The video quality is poor (and I must apologize for the Rolling Stones soundtrack) but one can still see Nelson do something in a be-winged F1 car that isn’t supposed to be possible – slide it through a corner.

It happened during the Hungarian Grand Prix of 1986. Have a look.

2 Responses to “The Second Brazilian – Nelson Piquet”

  1. What a kewl clip. Piquet was quite a driver, I love that slide.

  2. Incredible, isn’t it? If Piquet had had Michael Schumacher’s ruthlessness and determination, he might well have been a greater champion than Senna.

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