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Michael Schumacher’s Dilemma

These long breaks between races are always lean times for the reporters. Without even testing to pontificate on, they have to pounce upon anything at all. And usually that means speculation on driver changes.

The big issue on that score is whether Michael Schumacher will retire from F1 at the end of the year. He is 37 now and that’s getting just a bit long in the tooth for a sport that demands peak physical and mental fitness from the driver. Should he retire now at the height of his powers or risk a decline from former greatness?

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

Common sense says that he should leave while still undefeated but this is a route rarely taken by world champions. Only Jackie Stewart stands out as one who made that decision. Otherwise, champions tend to struggle on while their powers fade and younger men tarnish the once-great image. The problem for Michael is that he does not seem to be fading at all.

The trick, of course, would be to get out before any signs of a decline appear. That way, the champion will always be remembered as undefeated, a giant that could not be bested. And that route is still open to Michael but may not be for much longer. There is Kimi Raikkonen to consider, after all.

The rumors of Kimi going to Ferrari regardless of Michael’s decision are becoming quite strong. And we all want to see what happens when Michael has such a talented driver as a teammate. The question is: does Michael?

If there is anyone who can test Michael’s abilities to the limit, it has to be Raikkonen. And Michael would not be the first to be outpaced in his last races by a young teammate. It’s one heck of a decision…

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