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Robert Kubica

Of all the young drivers now jostling for a place in F1, the Polish star, Robert Kubica, seems the most likely to shine. Having already secured a seat with BMW Sauber after impressing as a test driver, he is now beginning to speak to the press about himself and we can see a personality emerging.

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica

According to F1racing dot net, Robert sees the value of having a competitive driver as a teammate, rather than one he can beat easily.

“Of course your team mate gives you some sort of idea of the pace of the car, but it’s also true a good team mate will push you… You push yourself and he pushes you and that helps the development of the car, so it’s really important to have a good team mate.”

Of course, that’s true but it might be construed as slightly arrogant for a newcomer to say so. Clearly, Robert isn’t afraid to be tested against the best that F1 has to offer.

That is how it should be. All drivers enter the sport thinking they are the best and will be world champion one day. And they have to continue to believe that through all disappointments and setbacks, or their motivation will suffer. I can remember how Ayrton Senna was condemned as arrogant for some of his statements early in his career. He was the best and he knew it; it showed in his public pronouncements.

Ayrton went on to make good his words and our first impressions of him were soon lost in admiration for his skills. It is entirely possible that Robert is about to do the same. His performance in the German GP was good enough for us to think so, anyway.

He has the right team to demonstrate his ability too. BMW are hungry for success, innovative and getting better all the time. It would not surprise me if they become one of the top teams in 2007. And, if they do, I suspect that it will be Robert leading in their charge towards the front.

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