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Another Option for Michael Schumacher

As Friday practice gets underway with Sebastian Vettel heading the time sheets for Sauber BMW in the first session at Monza, Michael Schumacher continues to toy with the press when asked about his possible retirement. Always the master of stating the obvious, Michael speculated that, in the event of his retiring, “I suppose I would be unemployed.”

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

Or would he? According to Sport-Informations-Dienst, Michael has been invited to remain with Ferrari in a managerial role after retiring from driving. Now that makes a lot of sense.

Michael has been an important factor in Ferrari’s success and was instrumental, with Jean Todt and Ross Brawn, in building a previously unheard-of efficiency and determination into the team. It is quite clear that he has highly-developed organizational skills and is able to cut through petty rivalries that would otherwise weaken a team. Add to these skills his integration with and knowledge of Ferrari and he becomes the perfect understudy for Jean Todt, should he be thinking of retirement himself.

It would not be the first time that a driver has transferred to the managerial side after retirement. Gerhard Berger and Niki Lauda spring to mind instantly and Jackie Stewart and Alain Prost both had a go. Looking at Schumacher’s record in pulling a team together and making it work for him, one would have to say that he shows more potential than any of these for such a position.

Of course, it is only a rumor and cannot be confirmed until after the race on Sunday. But it is such an obvious choice for the German that I am amazed it hasn’t been suggested before. You can bet that it is one of the options that Michael has been considering over the last few weeks, even if he has decided against it.

Did I say “decided”? Oh yes, it’s been clear for a while that Michael has made his decision and is merely awaiting the chosen time to make an announcement.

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