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Drivers and Circuits

Huh, glad I didn’t touch the Fontana confession of yesterday – Peter Sauber has denied it already. And anyway, there is plenty of anti-Schumacher/Ferrari press around already, with Coulthard coming out in support of Alonso’s charge of bad sportsmanship.


David Coulthard

Instead, let’s talk circuits. Imola looks set to be included in the schedule for next year, although it seems Bernie Ecclestone may be squeezing a bit more money from the organizers for the favor. With the announcement that improvements to the circuit will commence in October, the circuit has cleared the major obstacle to the race’s inclusion, however.

In contrast, Suzuka has accepted that it will not hold a Grand Prix in 2007 and is hoping for 2008 instead. So F1 loses its only figure-8 circuit, even if just temporarily. I do sometimes wonder why it seems to be only the good circuits that come under threat of exclusion; maybe “interesting” equates to “dangerous” in the minds of the FIA delegates.

And then there is Turkey, of course. Amazingly, the organizers are now muttering about appealing against the $5,000,000 fine imposed on them for politicizing the awards ceremony. I would have thought their best plan was to pay up and shut up, especially as the Turkish government will foot the bill. They are insisting that it was not planned that Mehmet Ali Talat present a trophy but that makes it seem that the dignitaries drew lots after the race to see who would do the job. Doesn’t seem very likely to me.

Perhaps someone should warn them that the FIA does not take kindly to its decisions being questioned and are more likely to increase the penalty on appeal than to forget the whole matter.

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