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Alonso Criticizes Renault?

F1 Racing live has a report that, in speaking to the Spanish press, Alonso has been less than complimentary about the Renault team.


Alonso in the Shanghai GP

AS newspaper quoted Alonso as saying: “They wanted us to finish second and third because they do not want me to take the number one to a different team.”

He said there is ‘no doubt’ that the constructors’ championship is therefore more important to Renault in 2006, and added that only ‘some’ in blue and yellow uniforms were disappointed to lose the Chinese Grand Prix to Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher.

“Some others are happy,” Alonso continued, “because we went past Ferrari in the team battle. They are not helping me as much as they could.”

To me, this sounds like a journalist’s invention. It makes no sense, since Alonso would hardly encourage the team to help him by saying such things. The decision to change the front tires at the first pitstop was a joint decision between Alonso and the team and so he is as much to blame for the mistake as anyone. And that business about not taking the number one to another team is just laughable; Renault stand to gain just as much good publicity from a driver’s championship as the constructor’s and the matter of a mere number makes no difference to that.

Renault have known for a long time that Alonso will be going to McLaren at the end of the year – were all his wins in the first half of the season a mistake by the team? It is ridiculous to suggest that any team would sabotage their own efforts for the sake of a number (that you’d have trouble finding on the car anyway).

So I don’t believe the report. It’s just an unscrupulous journalist trying to stir up some controversy and sell a few more papers as a result. I just hope that the whole thing will annoy Alonso and Renault to the extent that they win at Suzuka by a huge margin.

And so far my prediction that Renault and Michelin would catch up with Ferrari development after the Monza race has proved correct. There was little to choose between the cars in the dry at Shanghai and in the wet the Renault was clearly superior. Although I see all the pundits running for cover in the Michael camp, I stand by my forecast of another Alonso championship this year.

And the entire Renault team will celebrate his victory with him without thought of which car will wear the number one in future.

7 Responses to “Alonso Criticizes Renault?”

  1. This is so weirdly.

    I have a maintence guy that drops by every so often — like once a month. On weekends (he tells me) he drives competitively at a local track and is pretty proud of it, naturally. So today, during one of his breaks, I asked, “What’s the name of that place where you race?”, and then I went to Youtube and typed in the location.

    Sycamore speedway.

    He near flipped out when the site came up, and then wrote Youtube on his forearm before he left.

  2. I am fast becoming convinced that YouTube has everything under the sun. Come to think of it, wasn’t there a time when we said that about Google…?

    Now I have to go type in “Sycamore Speedway”. ;)

  3. Ah, stock car racing. Short but sweet, that clip. ;)

  4. (psst…Youtube is looking sorta blogy in places, innit)

  5. All life is there in YouTube – the sublime and the ridiculous, the esoteric and the… umm… bloggy… :D

    Please don’t tell me you’re thinking of doing a video blog. :O

  6. Ridiculous and bloggy — the new R&B?

    (request duly noted, filed and filled)

  7. (thank goodness for that…)

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