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Ross Brawn Rumors Start

The Italian press does not hang about when it comes to rumors – already the whisper is that Ross Brawn may move to another team, rather than take a genuine break from F1. Hardly had Ross finished his farewell speech than this one hit the ground running.


Ross Brawn

Ah well, that’s the Italian press for you, we think. And I would agree that there is very little likelihood of the story having any foundation in fact at all – just some journalist dreaming up a good story. Why would Ross leave a team that has enjoyed so much success over the years unless he genuinely wants to spend more time with his family, as stated?

And yet. Ross was brought to Ferrari at Michael Schumacher’s request and they, with Jean Todt, formed a triumvirate that led the team to such astounding success. Now that Michael is retiring and Todt is promoted to Ferrari President, what is there left for Brawn? He would have to start again, building a new team without the help of those he has worked with so well. That would mean staying in Italy and seeing his family only when the pressures of the job allow it.

So it makes sense that he would call it a day at this point in time. But most of the F1 teams are based in England. How long will it be before it occurs to Ross that so-and-so’s factory is only just down the road and, if he were to work for that outfit, he could be home every night? It would mean starting again to build a team but that was going to happen anyway.

Ross is only 51 years old and, like Michael, does not have the temperament to stay out of some all-consuming job for long. F1 is in his blood and his thoughts could easily turn to repeating his achievements at Benetton and Ferrari with some other team, if only to prove that he can still do it.

So there may be some sense in the Italian report after all. Which is not to say I believe it – I don’t. It’s just that it might be how things turn out in the future. And, if it does happen, Ross will want good material to work with, a driver who can deliver the goods and a team that has all it needs for success.

Which means McLaren, of course…

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