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McLaren Chooses Lewis Hamilton

Ron Dennis has at last announced that Lewis Hamilton gets the second McLaren seat for 2007. The waiting is over and Britain can celebrate.


Lewis Hamilton

Ron has been very sensible in his announcement; he has played down expectations that the young Hamilton will set the world alight, at least in the first half of the season, but expects that he will continue his learning process and realise his full potential as time goes on. Lewis is a very level-headed driver and will give of his best, I’m sure.

Probably the best way to take the news is to be glad that this bright new talent has been given his chance but to allow him plenty of time to grow into the position. He may turn out to be a Senna or a Schumacher and have an immediate effect on races but that is extremely rare – most drivers take at least a year to ease their way into the pressures and demands of F1.

Remember, too, how difficult we made it for Button with our unrealistic expectations. Year upon year we have demanded that he do better, often when his equipment was just not up to the job of winning races. If we can restrain our hopes for Lewis (and if the press can do so too!), we will actually assist him to concentrate on his task and produce the goods.

Having said which, I must admit that I hope Lewis really does well, better than we should realistically expect. There is room in F1 for a new superstar, now that Schumacher has gone. How good it would be if Lewis were to prove the next one.

But no pressure, no pressure!

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