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Ferrari Prepare for Launch

Toyota unveiled their T107 today and talked a great deal about the changes they have made and their hopes for the coming season. But a rash of news from Ferrari overshadows the Toyota hype and paves the way for the Italian team’s launch of their new car on Sunday. It’s almost too much information.

On the driver front, the paparazzi are already pursuing Raikkonen and managed to get a photo of him downing a glass of white wine. Well dang, can’t he wait for the champagne on the podium? It’s all a bit silly, of course, and Kimi has been settling in pretty well at his new team, enjoying the friendly atmosphere and firing off a few retaliatory shots at his former boss in response to Ron Dennis’ criticisms.


Massa seems to be enjoying all the attention and has had quite a lot to say, putting Michael Schumacher in the frame for a testing role, only to have Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari sporting director, haul him out again. Apparently the Brazilian is getting along fine with Raikkonen but admits that he will be one of his toughest challengers for the championship.

Apart from their driver line-up, the team are still sorting out just who will do what in the coming season. Michael keeps being mentioned for all sorts of jobs but will probably not attend many GPs, and Mario Almondo might miss a few as well. He is not a straight swap for Ross Brawn, apparently, and much of the immediate decision making will be made by Luca Baldisseri.

It all sounds strangely familiar, rather like the Ferrari of old, when battles for control of various aspects of policy and strategy absorbed most of the team’s energy. Everyone is smiling now but methinks I hear the sound of knives being sharpened. Oh, Montezemolo, what have you done?

Finally, there is news of the cars’ livery to be revealed on Sunday; there will be more white and the red will fade a little to resemble their Marlboro sponsor’s more orangey shade. White on a Ferrari? Now that is bad news for the commentators – does no-one remember how they used to be confused with the Dallaras and vice versa when their cars had a lot of white on them? Ah well, at least the Spykers will be orange…

2 Responses to “Ferrari Prepare for Launch”

  1. Typical Raikkonen luck… He’ll join ferrari after having bags of reliability problems at mclaren. Then guess what Ross Braun leaves and it all goes pear shaped for him. He’s in my view the best Formula one driver out there but the most unluckiest too. I really hope they present a competetive package for him this year as I honestly believe that with something half competetive and not always blowing up he can easily win. The things i’ve seen him do are amazing and it would be a great shame to see such a brilliant forumula one driver not able to fill his potential.

  2. I agree with you completely, Pootle – Raikkonen deserves a decent break.It is beginning to look as if he moved to Ferrari at just the wrong moment, however. We’ll just have to wait and see how they fare this year (although I find it hard to wish them luck as they’ve had more than enough wins with Schumacher in the last few years – divided loyalties!).

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