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Rob Ijbema

The Art of F1

A few days ago, someone expressed surprise when I listed the subjects of my various websites and blogs. Apparently, to have interests in writing, F1 racing, art, music, romance, astronomy and exotic cars is pretty weird. Well, today I found out that I’m not alone, at least in the art and motor sport thing.


“Alonso” by Rob Ijbema

I was wandering through the F1 sites and blogs, not really looking for something to write about as I don’t usually post on Sundays, when I came upon Car-a-Day by Rob Ijbema. This is a blog in which Rob has set himself the gargantuan task of painting a motor sport picture every day – he is on day twenty and still going strong.

Now, I used to paint a bit myself so I know the commitment and hard work that Rob has signed up for in going for his goal. It’s worse than juggling a dozen blogs on unrelated subjects and trying to remain sane at the same time. But Rob demonstrates not only incredible stamina in carrying out his task, he has talent too. He is not fobbing us off with hasty and ill-executed stuff just to keep to his timetable – his paintings are filled with movement, passion and verve, showing a deep love for and knowledge of his subject.

Formula One actually has a long tradition of attracting accomplished artists and some of the better known artists’ work sells for considerable amounts of money these days. In my opinion, Rob’s paintings can compete with any of these and better many of them for expression. Have a look at his blog and enjoy his work, bookmark it and return every day, that’s my advice.

And, if you have a few banknotes lying around and don’t know what to do with them, why not make a start as an art investor?

2 Responses to “Rob Ijbema”

  1. Well it is still early days Clive,
    but such glowing comments as yours sure keep me going!
    luckily i have a big archive,i can dip in,when times are slack.
    especially on my car free sundays !
    thanks Clive!

  2. And thank you for an interesting Sunday morning digging through your work on other sites as well, Rob. You do indeed have a big archive!

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