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Spyker Unveils Their F8-VII

It seems that as time goes on, new car launches become less and less hyped; Spyker unveiled theirs today amidst very little fanfare. The team is being careful in claims for the future, too, and are aiming to be in a position to win races in another five years’ time. That is refreshingly realistic.


Spyker F8-VII

I am starting to like this team a lot. Admittedly, that has something to do with their being Dutch and going with the national color, orange, for the car, but they also get on with the business at hand without making wild claims for the future. Colin Kolles is shouting the odds a bit over Toro Rosso’s and Super Aguri’s customer cars, but that is understandable, given the fact that Spyker are likely to suffer more than any other team if TR and SA make spectacular performance gains in the coming season. Nobody wants to finish last, after all.

In Albers and Sutil, the team has a good driver pairing as well. Albers is experienced and quick, Sutil potentially a star. If the car is as good as it looks, these two could cause some upsets in midfield. And the Ferrari engine was a pretty good choice, too.

Spyker have gone for development rather than innovation and the F8-VII is a fair example of standard thinking in F1 today. At this stage, that is the right way to go – once they have established a solid base of sound design and reliability, then will come the time for experimentation to gain a performance advantage.

Mike Gascoyne seems much happier with Spyker and his influence will be felt increasingly as the year rolls on, no doubt. It would not surprise me if the Spyker cars were beginning to get amongst the midfield runners by the time the revised car debuts, perhaps at the Turkish GP.

In fact, it’s just as hard to see who will make up the tail end of the grid in the 2007 season as it is to predict the winner. Everyone has a good engine now, all the chassis will be reasonably good (if TR and SA get their way), and all the drivers are competent. So who will be running last for most of the races?

I don’t know but, if I were David Coulthard or Mark Webber, I’d be pushing hard to get that RB3 sorted out quickly now…

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