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Honda’s New Livery

I am trying very hard not to enter the Great Debate on Honda’s silly new color scheme, honest. All the expected criticisms and plaudits are flying around anyway, so there is little point in adding to the fuss – that would be giving Honda exactly what they want: news coverage.


Honda RA107

It is becoming quite difficult to keep silent, however, especially when a little-regarded news item about changes in the FIA regulations for the future floats across my screen. The World Motor Sport Council is delaying until 2011 introduction of some of the green rules for engines. Well, that is no surprise, in view of the fact that they sound good but are almost impossible to put into practice.

Perhaps I should explain why it is so difficult for me to bite my tongue over these ridiculous issues. My problem is that I do not accept the first premise of the global warming theory – that humanity is causing the planet to heat up and will ultimately destroy civilization through climate change and the melting of the polar ice caps. Since I am actively involved in another site, Global Warming Latest, that points out the lies and misinformation propagated by the global warming activists, I can hardly go along quietly with all the lip service paid by the FIA and Honda to a theory that depends much more on the scare-mongering of politicians than the actual findings of highly-qualified climatologists.

But I am trying to remain silent, I swear it, and, if sometimes I cannot help myself and shout “Baloney!” at some ignorant and preposterous statement from anyone in charge of the future of F1, please remember that it was not I who introduced the subject in the first place.

So, ignoring the alleged green-ness of the Honda paint job, I should point out that it is, in fact, mostly blue. The black bit at the back is obviously to indicate the curvature of the earth and is not for sponsor logos – they have made other arrangements for those, it seems. Overall, I have to say that the look of the car is not bad; it’s a bit too fussy for my tastes but a whole lot better than the other pictorial representation on the grid – Toro Rosso’s cartoon bull. But it leaves the BMW Sauber in undisputed top spot, regardless of the result of F1 Fanatic’s survey of opinion (yes, I voted – you can guess for which team).

I admit that the Williams is pretty tasteful too, almost a negative version of BMW’s scheme, but then it comes down to whether you prefer dark blue or white as the predominant color. And the thing about white is that it allows you to see the shape of the car underneath – dark colors hide interesting bits in shadow.

To return briefly to the Honda, however, I cannot resist pointing you to the best comment I have seen so far. Have a look at this.

Now that puts things much more into perspective I think!

5 Responses to “Honda’s New Livery”

  1. What a blockhead you are! Do you not realize that there is more going on at Honda than just automobile colours? The idea, the image, the concept of THINKING about the environment is a great idea, and might even seep into the minds of young people, dunderheads like you, and the uninterested masses. By the way, if you REALLY believe that man’s activities are not responsible for climate change, you must have let some soot and chemical particles enter your brain, either through smoking interesting weeds, or just through your ears where it was able to drift through the basically empty space within. Get with it, applaude Honda for at least starting a ball rolling. Of course, the amount of pollution developed by racing cars is negligible compared to that of one medium-sized trucking company or railroad, so the racers should be left alone. The rest of us, however, should stop every transgression from littering to burning autumn leaves.

  2. Ah Barry, you merely prove my point: the arguments of the global warming brigade amount only to name-calling of anyone who disagrees with them and ignorance of up-to-date studies of our environment and climate. Just because you have heard a lot of politicians shouting about global warming does not mean that it is happening. There are climatologists who support the theory of global warming but even they admit that no effects will be felt for at least a hundred years. It’s not as if we need to panic and destroy civilization just to avoid a disaster that, on the evidence amassed so far, is not happening and is not going to happen.

    Do some research on the net and listen to what some of the most qualified climatologists have to say on the matter – then we can talk. A good place to start would be this article.

  3. I’ll leave off the global warming argument – you know where I stand from my own post – but I have to say I prefer the new Williams livery to the BMW which looks just a little bland for my taste.

    The Renault’s got to be the worst though – it looks as if someone’s vomited over the Swedish flag.

  4. I must admit that the BMW’s livery is very quiet and inoffensive – perhaps I like it because I’m too old to appreciate all these fancy new color schemes. Williams is equally as good in my opinion but BMW just win because I can see the shape of the car better.

    I agree completely about the Renault, however – I was trying to be tactful about a design exercise that was always doomed to failure. ;)

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