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Gary Paffett for Next Year?

Rumor has it that one of Prodrive’s drivers in 2008 will be Gary Paffett, presently a test driver for McLaren. Although there are a lot of young drivers around at the moment who look like future GP winners, Gary is one that I reckon you can bank on. Take a look at his career on Wikipedia and you’ll see what I mean.


Gary Paffett

The man was Schumacher-esque in the lesser formulas – wins the Formula Vauxhall Junior Class B Championship with 13 fastest laps, 13 poles, 13 races out of 13 races (how’s that for boring monotony?). Not content with that, he does it again in the Scholarship class of F3 – 13 wins, 13 fastest laps, 13 pole positions.

It gets a bit confused after that but it does seem that, whatever car you put him in, he’ll drive the wheels off it. Competition for Lewis Hamilton perhaps?

2 Responses to “Gary Paffett for Next Year?”

  1. The fact that he managed to win every GP2 race is almost as impressive as the fact that no one crashed into him in 13 races. Did you happen to see the GP2 opener this weekend? I believe 9 cars were out after the first turn. Some didn’t even make it to the first turn! lol

  2. I missed that one, Dan – but that’s pretty much business as usual in GP2! Youthful enthusiasm, I guess. ;)

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