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Drivers Online

Some time ago I compared the F1 team websites, ranking them for ease of use, information, news, design, etc. Keith Collantine, of F1-Fanatic, reckons Felipe Massa’s blog is the most tedious in existence, so I thought I’d have a look at the what the other drivers offer online.


Scott Speed – the winner online!

I went through each one and was quite surprised at the variety of styles and presentations out there. Massa’s may be boring but Raikkonen’s is still under development. Does it mean anything that one of the fastest drivers is also the slowest to have an online presence? If so, Nico Rosberg can feel pleased – his site has yet to go live too. Fernando Alonso’s is very lacking in information but Lewis Hamilton just has a page that redirects you to the McLaren site. Maybe he really is the quickest of them all…

Generally, the drivers’ sites are pretty ordinary, with little imagination and sparse information and news. There are a few that excel, however, with good graphics, videos, personal messages and interactivity. BMW won my previous tour of the team websites and Robert Kubica uses the same web designer, so his site looks good, although it is a bit sparse on actual information and has no news. Nick Heidfeld’s is also clear and efficient but could do with a little more information.

You’re going to think that I have a Scott Speed fixation but it just happens to be true that his website is by far the best in terms of looks, information and real interactivity with the viewer. Thanks to the provision of several videos, it is possible to get to know Scott to a greater extent than other drivers and he comes across as a very likable guy. How you react to his informality is up to you, of course, but I like it.

Another driver from the wrong end of the grid, Christijan Albers has a good-looking site that has the interesting innovation of scrolling news updates from but, unfortunately, his own news is out of date and there is no photo gallery. Adrian Sutil’s is by the same designer but has even less information, perhaps because he is so new to the sport.

Jarno Trulli has a good site with plenty of info, lots of of photos and some quotes, but the news is sparse. Perhaps the strangest is Alex Wurz’s, with a very flashy intro but news that is hopelessly out of date. He gets bonus marks from me, however, thanks to his use of classical music.

The others are average, although there are one or two that deserve special mention as examples of how not to build a website. David Coulthard’s looks as if it was designed when he first entered F1 and the lack of news is a definite loser. Mark Webber’s is marginally better but his news has not caught up with testing in Paul Ricard yet.

Wooden spoon goes to Jenson Button, however. The site looks reasonably good at first but requires registration before you can get to anything really interesting. Try to join up and you will find that the Country of Origin scrollbar doesn’t work – making it impossible to register! Maybe the dreaded Honda disease is spreading…

4 Responses to “Drivers Online”

  1. Thank you for this informative survey of driver’s websites. The variation in quality is astonishing – if a driver has a few million in the bank, surely he can afford a half-decent web designer (there’s no shortage of such people) and get the manager to write on a regular basis? Admittedly I don’t agree with your choice of best site (I don’t like any site that relies on extensive amounts of Flash because it slows my computer down) but even I have to admit his site is by far the most professional. If he can do it on his salary, why can’t the others come close?

  2. I think it’s to do with awareness of the net, Alianora. Growing up in the States, where the net first became influential and widespread, Speed would have adapted to its use quite early. The others are only now becoming wise to its promotional strengths now and some, like Coulthard perhaps, probably still think of it in terms of a technology for geeks. Also, this is the kind of thing that most would assign to a staff, which could mean a single member of the team’s technological staff or a whole promotional department. I suspect that Speed is quite involved with the development of his website, however, as I have seen items come and go quite frequently. There used to be a lot of info about his incurable disease, ulcerative colitis, and a link to relevant websites but that has gone now, perhaps because he felt it might be seen as whining…

  3. I’m not even clicking on that ridiculous link, you know which.

  4. Ooh, let me guess, Haplo… Scott Speed? :D

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