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Lewis Hamilton Restrained by Ron Dennis

Fernando Alonso was helped to victory in the Monaco Grand Prix by instructions to team-mate Lewis Hamilton to let his senior partner take the race.

McLaren Wins

Formula One’s governing body, FIA, is to investigate McLaren’s victory at the Monaco Grand Prix “after boss Ron Dennis orchestrated a team procession”, reports the UK Daily Mail.

Yesterday’s race saw Fernando Alonso lead home team-mate Lewis Hamilton in a contrived one-two and now the FIA are to launch a probe into the victory for a “possible breach of the international sporting code.”

A statement on the FIA’s website,, reads, “The FIA has launched an investigation into incidents involving the McLaren Mercedes team at the 2007 Monaco Grand Prix in light of a possible breach of the international sporting code. The relevant evidence is under review and a further announcement will be made in due course.”

Team orders are banned by FIA, after Rubens Barrichello was told to let Michael Schumacher win the Austrian GP in 2002.

Ron Dennis insisted there was nothing wrong with his plans for the race. He had plans in the event of a possible safety car incident, as had occurred in four of the previous five Monaco GPs. In that case, Hamilton would have claimed the victory.

But Hamilton surely holds the psychological advantage from here on in — assuming his team allows him to win.

One Response to “Lewis Hamilton Restrained by Ron Dennis”

  1. What is the meaning of “team” if teammates are forbidden to support each other? If FIA wants to have all drivers racing against each other without facing members of the same team, then decree 1-car teams. Save a bunch of money, let in another 10 or 11 “teams”, and obliterate the “team orders” problem. On the other hand, if it is a “team”, then FIA ought to keep its nose clean, and mind their own business… which is NOT the business of running ten F1 teams who have perfectly good managers and strategists of their own.

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