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Ferrari dossier may halt Lewis Hamilton surge

More damaging allegations about who knew what and when at McLaren mean that Lewis Hamilton’s prospects of being penalised for the McLaren-Ferrari spying scandal increased dramatically yesterday.

The defence that only one man at McLaren – Mike Coughlan, the designer who has been suspended – knew about the 780-page dossier of technical information stolen from Ferrari. This is critical to McLaren’s defence against a charge by the FIA, the sport’s governing body, of “fraudulent conduct”. But it is being steadily undermined as more allegations arise, especially in the Italian press.

In the High Court in London last week it emerged that Jonathan Neale, the McLaren managing director, knew about the dossier, though exactly when has not been confirmed, and, on Saturday, La Repubblica, the Italian daily newspaper, reported that several other team members had also been shown the documents.

It’s not looking good for Lewis Hamilton’s previously plausible championship hopes.

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