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Lewis Hamilton loses from pole in Montreal

McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton started the Canadian Grand Prix from pole position as he made a determined bid to follow up his extraordinary win in Monaco two weeks ago with another victory.

Hamilton scored his maiden Grand Prix win in Montreal last year. Now he had to contend with a blustery wind, a track that was breaking up in places, and his classy opponents’ best efforts to overturn his Championship lead.

After leading comfortably in the race, the introduction of the safety car followed by a pit stop threatened to send him way back in the field.

Coming swiftly out of the pit lane, he misjudged Kimi Raikkonen’s start and ploughed into the back of him, eliminating both.

Hamilton will now be penalized a number of places at the French Grand Prix on June 22.

Poker-playing Pole, Robert Kubica went on to win the Canadian title and now leads the Championship table.

Lewis Hamilton seems to swing between brilliance and colossal mistakes. Once again, “bad luck” dogged his path to the Championship.

May we now hope to see a return of the careful approach that led him to victory in Monte Carlo?

The French is next up.

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