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Abu Dhabi Shows Off

I freely admit I got this one by following links in F1 Fanatic’s post, F1 in the Blogs 17. But, when there’s not much happening elsewhere, hey, you have to see what others are digging up.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi GP website

The first link is to Sandlander’s blog, an excellent example of the cool websites emanating from Arab countries these days. Sandlander is writing of local feelings in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) regarding Abu Dhabi’s GP, recently agreed to by our Bernie, and I don’t feel qualified to enter that arena. The article contains a link to the Abu Dhabi GP website, however, and this turns out to be a marketing exercise tour de force.

Go to the Circuit page and you will be treated to an ultra-cool virtual video of the track – never mind that it doesn’t exist yet. And the rest of the site contains all you ever wanted to know about Abu Dhabi, including some very nice photographs. The whole thing reeks of money (well, it has the F1 logo – that alone must have cost them quite a few bucks) and even includes a countdown to the GP in 2009.

It’s a picture of the future – this is where F1 is going and the old European circuits can only expect to be axed sooner or later. The sport must go where the money is, especially now that the manufacturer teams are going to have a bigger share of the profits; even an old dinosaur like me can accept that.

I just wish that there could be a guarantee about certain races, that they would never disappear, regardless of the financial aspect. F1 without Monaco and Spa would be a creature without a heart.

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