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More on Night Races

Or should that be Moron Night Races? Never mind, Bernie wants them, so it is bound to happen. It is good to see that others are at last noticing the way in which the idea conflicts with other stated aims of the FIA, however. Far be it from me to say, “I told You So.”


Daytona chicane at night

In previous posts I have made my position on the Great Global Warming Scare quite clear – in a nutshell, I believe it to be unsupported by the evidence and a deliberate political scam instituted by unscrupulous people hungry for power. But that does not mean that I think efforts to make cars more environment-friendly are wasted. It makes good sense to look for alternative power sources since, sooner or later, the oil will run out.

So I was heartened to read Pitpass’ article about a new and more efficient solar power cell invented in Australia. It does sound as though this is a huge breakthrough and could make the use of solar power more practicable and widespread. Bonza, Australia!

It is not the whole answer, however. There remains the problem of where the power comes from in countries where the sun does not shine as much as it does in Australia. Batteries can store power from the sunny days for a while but there will always be the risk of it running low through a prolonged overcast spell. But be of good cheer, fellow Brits – our cousins across the pond have demonstrated what may well be the ultimate alternative power source for the automotive industry.

It is called the GM Hy-Wire and, having already written about it in another of my sites, I am going to take the lazy route and suggest you click on this link to see what the future holds. This, surely, is the future of both motoring in general and F1.


GM Hy-Wire

You know, if we could all drive one of those, Bernie’s night races might even become feasible…

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Night Races?

I love the double-mindedness of F1. On the one hand, we have Mighty Max pontificating about how F1 must become a part of the modern world and get its environment-friendly act together. When the world comes to an end through global warming, no-one will be able to point a finger at the sport and say it’s to blame. So we have ridiculous new regulations on the way, all to help the manufacturers in their quest to appear greener than the average bear.

But now along comes Bernie with the idea that F1 must have some night races – for the spectacle, of course. Well, let’s think about that for a minute. The cars have no lights so the circuit is going to have to be flood-lit – hey, they do it in football, you say. And that is true, they light up a whole stadium to turn night into day, no problem at all (until there’s a power failure).

Le Mans

Le Mans at night

Has it struck anyone yet that a Formula 1 circuit is a little larger than a football stadium? We are not talking a hundred yards of playable turf here; circuits are generally just short of two miles in length. That’s an awful lot of floodlights they’re going to have to assemble.

And I am not saying it’s impossible – many of the government-sponsored races have the financial clout to do such a thing. What concerns me is the power consumption. If we are so worried about the effect on the environment of a few F1 races a year, how come all that goes away when we need to light up a night race? Has Bernie not realized that the power comes from electricity generators that run on fossil fuels?

I need say little about what happens when there’s a power failure. On such occasions in a football game, you could get one or two players colliding but basically there’s no harm done. If it happens when you’re hurtling down a straight at two hundred miles an hour, things might be just a little different.

The fact is that the eco-friendly movement in F1 has nothing to do with a genuine concern for the environment (quite rightly so too as the whole issue is a political matter, not a scientific one). What matters to the car manufacturers is image – how they are viewed by the public. When pressure to be green becomes strong enough, the manufacturers begin an exercise to prove that they are, in fact, the greenest thing since Kermit the frog.

Formula 1 has become a part of that marketing exercise. If it can prove, through strange regulations to limit engine emissions, that it is in the forefront of the drive to eco-friendliness, that rubs off on the participants and they can go home well pleased. What matters is how F1 is perceived, not whether it actually has any impact on the environment at all.

Everyone knows that the internal combustion engine pumps out lots of hot gases through its exhaust. It is a convenient scapegoat, therefore, when imagining that the world is heating up through CO2 emissions. But, if F1 is doing its best to limit those emissions, it must be one of the good guys.

Electric light, however, is not so easily linked to global warming in the public mind. The power stations are out of sight and out of mind, therefore they do not count. Who cares that one night race would add greatly to CO2 emissions and negate all the ingenuity devoted to making the racing engines cleaner? It’s not about reality, it’s about image.

I have no doubt that Bernie will get his way and there will be night races for cars with strange turbo-driven engines and brakes that no longer glow red because all the heat is being re-used. There might even be an audience for such a circus. But please don’t tell me that F1 is genuinely concerned for the environment – it merely wants to appear so.

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