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Phil Hill’s Great Idea

Phil Hill, F1 world champion in 1961, is planning a residential development with its own race track for residents’ use. Presumably this will be like the retirement homes for the rich all clustered around a golf course exclusively for the use of residents of the scheme.


Phil Hill in the Ferrari 156, the “sharknose”

It seems somewhat of a wild idea at first and creates visions of all those pensioners hurtling around the track, pushing each other off and doing doughnuts after a win. But why not? Just because they’re getting on a bit (and I’m reaching that age myself), why shouldn’t they have some fun? Motor sport is just as popular as golf, after all, and doesn’t require that you walk long distances.

You might think that there aren’t that many retired racing drivers around but, let’s face it, there are plenty of people who wish they’d had the opportunity or money to have given it a try. This could be just what they’ve been waiting for. Heck, I’d do it if I was rich and wanted to live in Georgia.

So I think the scheme could be a winner and might start a new trend for retirement homes with motor sport facilities attached. There might even come a time when all the retirement parks get together and have a grayheads’ racing series with a world championship awarded annually.

If nothing else, it would shake up those stereotypes of old age – just because someone reaches retirement age doesn’t mean he or she loses all interest in life. I read somewhere that Tazio Nuvolari got up from his deathbed to participate in his last race. Now he’d have bought one of Phil Hill’s houses…

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