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Hamilton 7th loses world title

In what was yet another dismal race for Lewis Hamilton, the young rookie driver could only trail in 7th in the Brazil Grand Prix after a bad start and repeated gear box failures.

Kimi Raikkonen winner of the 2007 Drivers’ Championship

Given the wall of ill-fate he encountered, his heroic attempts to claw his way back up the field, once the McLaren team had fixed his gear box remotely, at least got him into the points.

Kimi Raikkonen won the race in his Ferrari and took the Drivers’ World Championship, clocking up six wins in the season to Hamilton and Alonso’s four each.

Raikkonen ended a bad-tempered season on 110 points, while Hamilton and Alonso shared second place one point adrift.

Ron Dennis will probably be grateful that a truly awful season, in which his team was fined an eye-watering $100m, can now be put to rest.

However, he did attempt to appeal against a stewards’ decision not to penalize other teams for using fuel at lower temperatures than are required by the rules.

The result stands.

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McLaren takes monster hit from FIA

After taking a one-two win in the Italian Grand Prix over local rivals Ferrari (Alonso 1st, Lewis Hamilton 2nd), McLaren came back to earth today as FIA, F1′s ruling body, imposed a gigantic $100m (£50m) fine on Ron Dennis’s crack racing team.

McLaren has also been eliminated from this season’s Constructors’ Championship, and possibly next’s as well.

At least Hamilton retains his points, and 3-point lead in the Drivers’ Championship in his rookie season.

The fine, however, is so huge, it may just be a warning shot to all the teams that espionage against rivals will not be tolerated. At appeal, it seems likely McLaren will be let off much of this impost. Why would FIA want to put them out of business?

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Italian Grand Prix — another grand farce

Ron Dennis While Lewis Hamilton and McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso yesterday battled for pole position for today’s Italian Grand Prix, Italian police said they had served writs on five McLaren employees, including team boss Ron Dennis.

In the real event, McLaren fended off Ferrari on the track, with Alonso taking pole ahead of Hamilton.

Off track, Ron Dennis has vowed to clear his team of any wrongdoing at a hearing of the World Motor Sports Council in Paris on Thursday. Now they may have to defend themselves in the Italian courts as well.

Formula One seems to be morphing from grand prix to grand farce.

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Lewis Hamilton wins Hungarian Grand Prix

After all the shenanigans in the pits during qualifying, which saw teammate Fernando Alonso relegated to sixth on the grid, Lewis Hamilton eased his way to victory in Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

We understand that Alonso has been told by team chief Ron Dennis that he’s free to leave McLaren at the end of the season.

Hamilton has now opened an eight point lead in the Drivers’ Championship ahead of the Spaniard.

In the race itself, which he led from start to finish, Hamilton, just 22, showed a steadiness of nerve from the moment the lights went out all the way to the chequered flag.

Through the 70 lap race, he had Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari in his mirrors waiting for a slip that would allow him to pass. It didn’t come. Less than a second apart for most of the race, it was a real test of concentration and belief for Hamilton, which he passed with flying colours. At the finish, the margin was just 0.7seconds.

Six races left, and Hamilton still looks good for the title in his opening F1 season.

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