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Do you know what the trophy above is? This is the one they all want, what all the fuss and palaver is about, the goal of every racing driver – the FIA trophy for the Formula One World Champion. It is awarded at an annual gala ceremony at the end of each year, together with trophies for the winning constructors, the world rally champion and so on.

I admit that I had never even thought about there being an actual trophy for the championship until I found pictures on the FIA website. We are so used to race winners holding aloft their trophies on the podium but give scant thought to the big one at the end of the year. This is the one that really matters, however.

I have had to shrink the image to fit it into the page but careful examination of the original reveals that previous winners and their signatures are inscribed within the spiral encircling the trophy. What famous names are remembered there, the greats of former years!

With only three races to go until the end of the season, it seemed an appropriate moment to mention what it is all about. And a good time, too, to look back at the past. Here is a photograph of Fernando Alonso holding his prize at last year’s gala.


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