How you can Drive Your Vehicle Securely Through Heavy Fog around the Freeway

The look of fog when driving your vehicle around the freeway will set extra demands in your abilities and skills like a driver, due to the have to tailor your driving style towards the prevailing conditions. Additionally, if you have been other motorists aren’t making sufficient allowances for that conditions, which further increases the chance of potential accidents.

When the fog continues to be forecast to become particularly bad, then consider postponing your trip until it clears. Remember that morning hours freeway motorists are particular vulnerable to encountering fog, mainly in the winter, which when driving such conditions the thickness from the fog will be different, and could be particularly thick in low laying ground or near bridges or dips.

The greatest major fault that lots of motorists have once they encounter fog around the freeway is driving too near to the vehicle in-front and driving too quickly. Frequently a person will mistakenly feel safer whether they can begin to see the back lights from the vehicle before them, and thus follows them as well carefully, without thinking about the result on the safe stopping distance. Another aftereffect of driving in fog is the fact that a person feels that they must cope with it as being rapidly as you possibly can, and thus subconsciously they accelerate.

These two driving problems have to be guarded against when driving through fog when around the freeway. You have to set a pace that you simply feel is appropriate for that visibility and types of conditions, and drive in a speed that enables you to definitely stop securely inside the distance that you could make out the print, of course this implies that you forget the trunk lights from the vehicle in-front. In this situation you might feel pressurised with a driver who’s tailgating dangerously behind you. Don’t let yourself be forced into accelerating, simply allow them to past and continue securely in your journey.

Once the fog reduces visibility below 100 meters you will have to turn on your front and back fog lights, to enhance visibility. However, stay away from your primary beam front lights bulbs because the vibrant light can reflect from the moisture inside the fog, creating a white-colored out effect, that will reduce even more your visibility. Additionally, you need to switch your windshield wipers onto a good intermittent setting, which supports to obvious away the fine mist of moisture which will collect in your windshield.

Driving in fog is very demanding especially around the freeway, where you stand constantly straining to determine the street along with other vehicles in front of you. Watch out for the additional fatigue and stress this could put on you and also so take regular breaks to keep you alert and combat the tiredness.

Finally, when the visibility improves and also the fog clears make sure to turn off your fog lights. Departing them on isn’t just a motoring offence, it is also very annoying and distracting with other motorists, and departing the trunk fog light on could possibly mask your brake lights when they’re illuminated.


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