Importing Vehicles Into Australia

Importing vehicles into Australia represents one of the largest markets available to any potential business venture. Like a nation which has limited mass production potential, Australians will frequently need to appear abroad for most their automotive needs.

The importation of overseas vehicles is controlled with the 1901 Customs Act. The act itself provides legislation round the importation of cars, motorcycles, trailers and then for any different kind of vehicle. Companies that are importing vehicles into Australia must have prior permission to get this done. A Vehicle Import Approval document (VIA) ought to be requested as well as the supporting documentation ought to be in the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and native Government beneath the 1989 Motor Vehicle Standards Act.

Importing companies without any Vehicle Import Approval document (VIA) could possibly bring consignments to the country having an Australian or worldwide carnet. An worldwide carnet enables the holder to import private touring vehicles into Australia if responsibilities and taxes are increasingly being guaranteed having a foreign party or organisation. Australian carnets can be used vehicles that have been formerly exported from Australia.

Some Steps of Importing Vehicles into Australia

1. Get yourself a Vehicle Import Approval document (VIA) within the Vehicle Standards Branch of Infrastructure. Bear in mind that the charge will probably be placed on all approved applications.

2. Whenever a Vehicle Import Approval document (VIA) remains approved, make certain to lodge an Import Declaration Form (B650) while using Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. If you don’t plan to import vehicles into Australia regularly, it might be cheaper to make use of an approved broker who is able to perform B650 declaration inside your account. Alternatively, you’ll be able to submit the declaration yourself by registering for the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) or submitting the declaration by hands at any Customs and Border Protection counter.

3. Pay your customs responsibilities, Services or products Tax (GST) and Luxury Vehicle Tax (LCT) for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

4. Request a vehicle inspection while using Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. To begin dating ? and site will probably be offered as well as the inspection will occur once the vehicle has demonstrated up.

Individual imports getting a price of $1,000 or less might be imported employing a self-assessed clearance declaration however a Vehicle Import Approval document (VIA) remains needed. Vehicle valuations derive from the price paid for that vehicle generally but alternative valuation methods can be utilized once the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service deem it necessary to get this done.


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