Max Verstappen avoids brake dust problems thanks to Red Bull design

Max Verstappen in action at the Hungaroring. Budapest July 2022

Max Verstappen says unlike some of his rivals he does not have an issue with brake dust being blown into his face – thanks largely to the design of his RB18.

Sebastian Vettel raised the issue after the Austrian Grand Prix as the four-time former World Champion climbed out of his AMR22 to face the cameras with his face covered in black dust.

He revealed it was the brake dust coming off his front brakes.

He told Sky F1: “To be honest with you, that’s something I think they need to work on because where the design of the brake ducts [is] this year, the front axle is blowing all the brake dust into our faces and it’s not good. Obviously, carbon dust is not really something healthy to breathe in.”

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