Red Bull halts effort to bring Herta into F1 next year

In the round-up: Red Bull has abandoned its efforts to place Colton Herta at junior team AlphaTauri next year, Helmut Marko has said.

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Red Bull gives up on efforts to secure superlicence for Herta

Red Bull has abandoned its efforts to place Colton Herta at junior team AlphaTauri next year, Helmut Marko has told Motorsport Total.

The team was eager to find a place for 22-year-old Herta, IndyCar’s youngest ever race winner, who finished third in the championship two years ago. However the weighting of the FIA’s superlicence points system means he is currently ineligible to race in F1, a fact Marko described as “incomprehensible”.

Herta’s planned test with Alpine next week will not go ahead, the report claims. However Red Bull may still release Pierre Gasly to join Alpine if it finds a suitable candidate to join Yuki Tsunoda at AlphaTauri next year.

D’Ambrosio departs Maserati Formula E team

Jerome D’Ambrosio will not remain in his role as team principal of Maserati Formula E team when it completes its transition from Venturi for the 2023 season, the team has announced.

The former F1 driver took over role of team principal of the Venturi Formula E team from Susie Wolff at the start of the 2022 season, with Wolff moving to CEO. After Wolff confirmed she would be stepping down from her CEO role at the end of the most recent season which ended in August, the team’s owners Monaco Sports Group confirmed that D’Ambrosio had departed the team on “amicable terms”.

The Venturi team enjoyed their best season in the series in 2022, finishing runner-up in the teams’ championship, taking five wins – four for Edoardo Mortara and one for Lucas di Grassi.

Rasmussen wins F1 Esports race three from pole

Red Bull racer Frederik Rasmussen converted his first pole position of the season into his first victory in race three of the Formula 1 Esports Pro championship held around Silverstone.

Rasmussen took pole ahead of Haas rookie Thomas Ronhaar and Sebastian Job. Starting on the hard tyres before switching to mediums, Ronhaar chased Rasmussen for the entire race but could not make a move on the leader and had to settle for second, six tenths of a second behind the Danish driver.

Championship leader Lucas Blakeley completed the podium to add 15 points to his lead in the drivers’ standings. The McLaren Shadow driver now sits on 65 points after three rounds, 21 ahead of Rasmussen in second and Ronhaar third. Reigning double champion Jarno Opmeer sits fourth or 28 points.

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Comment of the day

Silverstone’s approach to selling tickers for next year’s British Grand Prix has come under heavy criticism for fans due to connection problems and rapidly fluctuating ticket prices. Reader @3dom shares their experience.

Silverstone have introduced repulsive dynamic pricing, that increases seemingly by the minute. After being in a virtual queue for hours yesterday, we got to the paying stage and the system crashed when we tried to pay. Silverstone suspended the ticket sale until today, saying that the booking system was fixed. We have managed to book the exact same seats that we had selected yesterday but are now have to pay an extra £200 for our tickets just because the booking system is not fit for purpose. Appalling!!!

The difficulty booking was bad enough, but the “dynamic pricing” during the day is disgusting! I could understand prices changing after days or weeks of being able to purchase, but to do this to fans when we’re queuing for tickets because the booking system can’t keep up leaves an incredibly bad taste.

We have been attending the Grand Prix for years but after this we’re going to have to seriously think about whether we will again.

We should be excited about having booked, that’s the way we’ve felt in the past. Instead we feel shafted.

Have you had similar problems trying to book tickets for the British Grand Prix? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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Happy birthday to Al and Valentina!

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