The all-time Formula 1 records Verstappen can break in his dominant title run

What began as a close battle between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc for this year’s world championship has turned into nothing less than a rout by the Red Bull driver.

Verstappen is now so far ahead he could clinch the championship at the next round in Singapore, with five races still to go. And while collecting his second title Verstappen also has a strong chance of surpassing a few notable F1 records.

It’s a far cry from the situation last year, when the title fight went down to the final race of the season. Instead of wondering who might take the title, as the last rounds of 2022 approach the question is just how crushing will Verstappen’s inevitable victory be?

Most points

Most points scored in an F1 seasonScoreAvailable pointsVER 22HAM 20HAM 17HAM 16*HAM 15HAM 14ROS 16HAM 21*VET 11VER 21VET 13HAM 18HAM 190100200300400500RacePerformance advantage (%)

DriverScoreAvailable points
VER 22335164
HAM 203470
HAM 173630
HAM 16*3800
HAM 153810
HAM 143840
ROS 163850
HAM 21*387.50
VET 113920
VER 21395.50
VET 133970
HAM 184080
HAM 194130

*Did not win championship

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2019
Hamilton hit a record 413 points on his way to 2019 title

In order to break the record for the most points ever scored by a driver in a single season, Verstappen needs to take slightly more than half of the available points over the final six rounds. That is certainly within his grasp: He’s scored 127 out of a possible 130 points over the last five races, missing only a few fastest lap bonus points.

The record for most points scored in a season is currently held by Lewis Hamilton. He racked up 413 points over a 21-race season in 2019, which is one round fewer than this year. Verstappen also has the advantage of three sprint races to score more points at and he’s already claimed the maximum points for the two held so far, with one more to follow in Brazil.

But the 2023 F1 calendar looks likely to contain 24 races and the series is looking to add three more sprint events, meaning even more points will be on offer next year. Verstappen might not be able to crack the 500 barrier this season – a perfect run over the final half-dozen rounds would see him finish on 499 – but that target is surely not far off.

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Biggest winning margin

Biggest championship winning margin in F1Verstappen points leadRecordStartBahrainSaudi Ar…AustralianEmilia-R…MiamiSpanishMonacoAzerbaijanCanadianBritishAustrianFrenchHungarianBelgianDutchItalianSingaporeJapaneseUnited S…MexicanBrazilianAbu Dhabi-50050100150200RaceFastest race weekend lap time (s)


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RaceVerstappen points leadRecord
Saudi Arabian-20155