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F1 – Good to Go slot game

As the 2012 formula one championship draws to a close for Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso there is still all to play for in what promises to be a stunning final race that takes place in Brazil.

It has been an exciting season, and a very unpredictable one. For instance, the first seven races produced seven different winners, and that is what many F1 fans like to see. It provides a great opportunity for finding some value bets, though it makes it a little difficult for the bookies.
Things became a little more predictable in the latter part of the season, though right until the end it has not been at all clear who will eventually walk away with the championship. Unfortunately it has not been a good year for Jenson Button; there have been times when all seems to have gone his way, but at others whatever was capable of going wrong really did.

Although there is just one more race remaining, you can already bet on the 2013 championship. Predictably the favourite for next year’s title is Vettel and the best odds are 2/1, although some bookies are only offering evens. If you are willing to take a gamble now is a great time for finding some very attractive odds, for instance because of his move to Mercedes Lewis Hamilton is priced at 14/1 against winning the 2013 championship; that must be worth a punt.

While you while away your time until next season’s first race why not take a look at the Good to Go slot game for your motor racing fix. It is a F1 themed slot which you can find on many online casino sites like, with 9 pay lines and some very attractive bonuses and includes a 50,000 coin payout. It has a motor racing sound track and the symbols include pit babe wild cards and a rev counter scatter symbol. With traditional games like poker, blackjack or slots, try the roulette and feel this adrenaline while you are waiting for the wheel to stop on the red or black. If you’re seeking further entertainment then have a spin on a wide range of microgames, you will find there the best online game for your particular needs. This is a great way to keep your adrenaline topped up until next season.